Core Restore 14-Day Detox Kit


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Core Restore is a comprehensive 14-day diet and nutrient program designed to reduce toxic burden and support liver detoxification. The Core Restore kit provides three active formulas – Core Support, Alpha Base, and PhytoCore – which function synergistically to help neutralize environmental pollutants, hormone disruptors, and other harmful toxins. The kit comes complete with an in-depth Patient Handbook designed to reduce the incoming burden of toxins and help restore optimal health.

Intended Benefits

  • May Revitalize Liver Health and Support Natural Detoxification Mechanisms
  • Focuses on Both Phases of Liver Detoxification
  • Provides Micronutrients, Phytonutrients, and Cofactors that May Support Detoxification of Xenobiotics and Xenoestrogens
  • May Support Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
  • May Increase Antioxidant Protection and Glutathione Production
  • May Promote Gastrointestinal Health


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